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Plastic Fabrication – T M Plastics

TM Plastics Ltd specialises in all engineering plastic machining, plastic fabrication and on-site techniques, catering for all sectors of the industry. TM Plastics Ltd is a limited company found in 1988 and it has achieved its reputation to date by supplying industries with rapid turn around products with unbeatable quality. Due to the growth and expert knowledge gained whilst building TM Plastics Limited we have taken the opportunity to launch TM Plastics Direct alongside our engineering services to provide specific materials for customers in all industries.

At TM Plastics we pride ourselves on always being able to deliver the highest quality product at an unbeatable price. Our long standing reputation in the industry means that we never need compromise on our plastic fabrication, manufacturing or delivery to ensure that you get the very best prices.

Plastic Fabrication

TM Plastics Direct will use our expert knowledge and skills in engineering plastics, to identify the highest quality materials for each customer's specific use together with advising upon the most efficient and effective materials for each individual requirement combined with fast delivery. TM Plastics Direct will only use proven manufacturers and is able to offer high quality materials at extremely competitive prices due to our outstanding reliable reputation within the industry thus giving us access to over four million pounds worth of stock.

If you require any further specialist advise regarding your order and requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us where we will be more than happy to assist.