Acetal Rod - Blue

Chemical Designation

POM-C (Polyacetal (Copolymer))


Blue opaque


1.41 g/cm3 

Temperature: -40°C to +105°C (+120°C short term)

CUTTING SERVICE: Please contact us for cut to size pieces.

Main features

  • High strength
  • High toughness
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Very good electrical insulation
  • Easy to polish
  • Difficult to bond
  • Good slide and wear properties 

Target Industries

  • Food engineering
  • Conveyor technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Precision engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical technology 

Data sheet available upon request.

CodeDiameter (mm)Length (mm) Unit Price (Net) Inc. VAT Qty
ACT R BLU 30301000£12.10£14.52
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 30302000£24.24£29.09
ACT R BLU 30303000£36.33£43.60
ACT R BLU 40401000£21.34£25.61
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 40402000£42.68£51.22
ACT R BLU 40403000£67.28£80.74
ACT R BLU 45451000£28.62£34.34
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 45452000£56.19£67.43
ACT R BLU 45453000£83.21£99.85
ACT R BLU 50501000£34.32£41.18
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 50502000£69.71£83.65
ACT R BLU 50503000£103.52£124.22
ACT R BLU 60601000£49.68£59.62
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 60602000£100.31£120.37
ACT R BLU 60603000£152.66£183.19
ACT R BLU 70701000£75.92£91.10
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 70702000£162.49£194.99
ACT R BLU 70703000£217.08£260.50
ACT R BLU 80801000£100.60£120.72
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 80802000£201.20£241.44
ACT R BLU 80803000£301.81£362.17
ACT R BLU 90901000£115.07£138.08
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 90902000£231.01£277.21
ACT R BLU 90903000£346.30£415.56
ACT R BLU 1101101000£173.50£208.20
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 1101102000£345.98£415.18
ACT R BLU 1101103000£518.40£622.08
ACT R BLU 1301301000£243.54£292.25
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 1301302000£485.99£583.19
ACT R BLU 1301303000£727.39£872.87
ACT R BLU 1501501000£320.98£385.18
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 1501502000£641.41£769.69
ACT R BLU 1501503000£962.93£1,155.52
ACT R BLU 1601601000£364.72£437.66
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 1601602000£729.49£875.39
ACT R BLU 1601603000£1094.20£1,313.04
ACT R BLU 2002001000£580.77£696.92
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 2002002000£1139.89£1,367.87
ACT R BLU 2002003000£1709.80£2,051.76
ACT R BLU 2502501000£1219.31£1,463.17
More Sizes
ACT R BLU 2502502000£2438.62£2,926.34
ACT R BLU 2502503000£3657.95£4,389.54