Nylon 6 Rod - Extruded - Black

Chemical Designation

PA 6 (Polyamide 6)


Black opaque


1.14 g/cm3


Molybdenum disulfide 

Temperature: -30°C to +105°C (+160°C short term).

CUTTING SERVICE: Please contact us for cut to size pieces.

Main features

  • Good slide and wear properties
  • High strength
  • Good wear properties
  • High toughness
  • resistant to many oils, greases and fuels
  • Improved surface hardness 

Target Industries

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Textile industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging and paper machinery
  • Conveyor technology
  • Clutch and engine manufacturing
  • Precision engineering

Data sheet can be provided upon request.


CodeDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Type Unit Price (Net) Inc. VAT Qty
NYL 6 BLK R 10103000Extruded£2.40£2.88
NYL 6 BLK R 12123000Extruded£3.46£4.15
NYL 6 BLK R 20203000Extruded£8.26£9.91
NYL 6 BLK R 25253000Extruded£12.96£15.55
NYL 6 BLK R 30301000Extruded£6.21£7.45
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 30302000Extruded£12.37£14.84
NYL 6 BLK R 30303000Extruded£18.58£22.30
NYL 6 BLK R 36361000Extruded£9.45£11.34
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 36362000Extruded£18.82£22.58
NYL 6 BLK R 36363000Extruded£28.19£33.83
NYL 6 BLK R 40401000Extruded£11.02£13.22
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 40402000Extruded£21.60£25.92
NYL 6 BLK R 40403000Extruded£32.35£38.82
NYL 6 BLK R 45451000Extruded£14.67£17.60
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 45452000Extruded£29.34£35.21
NYL 6 BLK R 45453000Extruded£41.04£49.25
NYL 6 BLK R 50501000Extruded£18.31£21.97
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 50502000Extruded£37.14£44.57
NYL 6 BLK R 50503000Extruded£52.92£63.50
NYL 6 BLK R 60601000Extruded£24.73£29.68
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 60602000Extruded£48.60£58.32
NYL 6 BLK R 60603000Extruded£73.98£88.78
NYL 6 BLK R 70701000Extruded£32.40£38.88
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 70702000Extruded£66.37£79.64
NYL 6 BLK R 70703000Extruded£99.63£119.56
NYL 6 BLK R 80801000Extruded£43.20£51.84
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 80802000Extruded£87.48£104.98
NYL 6 BLK R 80803000Extruded£130.68£156.82
NYL 6 BLK R 90901000Extruded£55.62£66.74
More Sizes
NYL 6 BLK R 90902000Extruded£110.16£132.19
NYL 6 BLK R 90903000Extruded£164.16£196.99