PVC Rod - Black

Chemical designation 

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)





Temperature: 0°C to +60°C

CUTTING SERVICE: Please contact us for cut to size pieces.

Main features

  • Very low water absorbtion
  • Tough 
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easily thermoformed
  • Very good electrical insulation
  • Easy to bond
  • Easily welded
  • Economic

Target Industries

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical apparatus
  • Electrical engineering
  • General engineering
  • Household applicances
  • Prototype modelling
  • Advertising and signs

Data sheet can be provided upon request.

CodeDiameter (mm)Length (mm) Unit Price (Net) Inc. VAT Qty
PVC R BLK 662000£0.56£0.67
PVC R BLK 882000£1.12£1.34
PVC R BLK 10102000£1.68£2.02
PVC R BLK 12122000£2.51£3.01
PVC R BLK 15152000£3.76£4.51
PVC R BLK 18182000£5.44£6.53
PVC R BLK 20202000£6.75£8.10
PVC R BLK 25252000£8.16£9.79
PVC R BLK 30301000£5.90£7.08
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 30302000£11.79£14.15
PVC R BLK 35351000£7.97£9.56
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 35352000£15.94£19.13
PVC R BLK 40401000£10.41£12.49
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 40402000£20.82£24.98
PVC R BLK 45451000£13.15£15.78
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 45452000£26.31£31.57
PVC R BLK 50501000£16.29£19.55
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 50502000£32.57£39.08
PVC R BLK 55551000£19.70£23.64
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 55552000£39.40£47.28
PVC R BLK 60601000£22.42£26.90
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 60602000£44.84£53.81
PVC R BLK 65651000£27.45£32.94
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 65652000£54.91£65.89
PVC R BLK 70701000£31.75£38.10
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 70702000£63.50£76.20
PVC R BLK 75751000£36.37£43.64
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 75752000£72.75£87.30
PVC R BLK 80801000£41.28£49.54
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 80802000£82.56£99.07
PVC R BLK 90901000£52.29£62.75
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 90902000£104.59£125.51
PVC R BLK 1001001000£64.50£77.40
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 1001002000£129.00£154.80
PVC R BLK 1101101000£77.87£93.44
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 1101102000£155.74£186.89
PVC R BLK 1201201000£90.57£108.68
More Sizes
PVC R BLK 1201202000£181.14£217.37