White & Blue PPC Sheets

PPC is light weight, low water absorption, high-impact strength combined with very good chemical properties. PPC has a wide operating temperature range (-20°C to +80°C), easily weldable and food compliant.

Co-polymer sheets are used extensively in Hygienic Lining Systems for wall and ceiling cladding. Hygienic, tough and impact resistant, it will stand repeated steam cleaning and is ideal in all food industry applications.

Please note: More sizes and colours can be provided upon request. Please contact us for large orders as package deals can also be arranged. 

Datasheet can be provided upon request.

CUTTING SERVICE: Please contact us for cut to size pieces.


Fixing & Cutting

Sheets can be fixed to most dry substrates depending on the surface suitability. To complete a fully hygienic installation it is advised to use the adhesives and profiles in our range. uPVC products can be easily cut, using a jigsaw with a fine toothed blade would be the most suitable way but if you are using a circular saw then please use a fine TCT blade.

Chemical Resistance

Our uPVC products are resistant to practically all frequently used chemicals. If you require any further information please get in touch.

Fire Resistance & Food Safety Compliant

uPVC is a fire retardant self extinguishing material. Our uPVC cladding materials are tested to meet the BS 476 part 6 and Class 1 at BS 476 part 7. All our uPVC cladding materials comply with all the current regulations intended for food contact. If you require any further information or for current compliance certifications please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cleaning, Storage & Conditioning

All uPVC Cladding can usually be cleaned by wiping the materials with a diluted mild detergent using a soft cloth. Do not use any substance with temperatures exceeding 60°C. Using abrasive cleaners, wire wool or pads will damage the surface of the material so should be avoided. All uPVC sheets must be completely supported and kept on a level surface. It is advised that uPVC cladding should be at room temperature (min 14°C) before installation. This can be achieved by leaving the materials for a minimum of 24 hours.  

CodeColourSheet Size (mm)Thickness (mm) Unit Price (Net) Inc. VAT Qty
PPC S WHT 1White2440 x 12202£27.92£33.50
PPC S BLU 2Blue2440 x 12202£27.92£33.50
PPC S WHT 3White2440 x 12202.5£34.88£41.86
PPC S BLU 4Blue2440 x 12202.5£34.88£41.86
PPC S WHT 5White2440 x 12203£41.85£50.22
PPC S BLU 6Blue2440 x 12203£41.85£50.22
PPC S WHT 7White3048 x 12202£34.88£41.86
PPC S BLU 8Blue3048 x 12202£34.88£41.86
PPC S WHT 9White3048 x 12202.5£43.58£52.30
PPC S BLU 10Blue3048 x 12202.5£43.58£52.30
PPC S WHT 11White3048 x 12203£52.27£62.72
PPC S BLU 12Blue3048 x 12203£52.27£62.72